OzTrails Hotel and Agent Booking form

[BOOKING PROCESS has changed – see below]

…MUCH easier than before, with full in-line instructions on the booking form

[NOTE: any DIRECT BOOKING discounts/offers do not apply here]

These next steps are pretty logical …but READ THEM first as
a pop-up portal will obscure these instructions once you start,
and you will have to cancel the booking to get back here

  1. Pick a DATE from the Calendar below …booking portal will open.
  2. Select the number of Adults, Children, Seniors and Infants …main booking form will appear.

    These next bits are IMPORTANT…

  3. NOTE: you MUST select “AA – Concierge Booking” from the first drop-down (“Please select your preferred pickup location”), [see diagrams to the right]
        […this tells us it’s a Concierge booking]
  4. NOTE: you MUST [see diagrams to the right]
    a) Tick This is a Concierge/Agent booking …the following options will appear:
    b) Enter Concierge/Hotel-Staff Full Name        [your Full Name]
    c) Enter Concierge’s Hotel        [your Hotel]
    d) Select Concierge Locations        [pick from the drop-down]
    …pickup time is listed at the end of location
    …if you’re unsure your hotel is listed, check MAP below FIRST [once you’re in
    the booking portal, you will have to cancel the booking to get back here]

    ..and then Finally..

  5. Enter the Pax’s CONTACT and PAYMENT details in ‘Contact & Payment’ section
    NOTES for the PAX DETAILS…
    – for the phone number we need the DIRECT phone contact for the GUEST …so we can contact them during pickup and in an EMERGENCY situation during the day.
    – for the email address, this is where the CONFIRMATION EMAIL is sent to.
    [ie., Decide whether your Hotel Reception …OR.. direct to Passenger]

You’re ready! …pick date from Calendar to start your booking.

If you’re unsure of your pickup location, use the MAP below to find your HOTEL …OR… CLOSEST PICK-UP LOCATION

If you can find it here, then you’ll be able to find it in the Concierge Locations drop-down

[Use mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out and left-click&hold to move the map around …click on your hotel
or the closest pickup point
to see INFO for it]